LADIES LIVE 2006 Recorded live in 2006 at Byrne's Pub in Columbus Ohio. Byrne's is a favorite performance venue for Ladies of Longford, and to prove it, this recording includes their original song, “Byrne's Pub!”

1. Saucy Sailor
2. Summerfly
(click here to see the video->) 3. Byrne’s Pub
4. Coal Hands Set
5. Foggy Dew
(click here to see the video->) 6. Catharasis
7. Wind that Shakes the Barley
8. Puirt a Beul
9. Stop the Rain
10. Fever
11. Closer to Fine
12. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
13. Me and Bobby McGee
14. Devil Went Down to Georgia
UNREEL 2009 The Ladies of Longford's latest CD with some reel surprises! Contemporary versions of traditional Celtic and originals
1. Molly Malone
2. Byker Hill
3. When I was a Young Girl
4. Julia Delaney/Mouth of the Tobique/Cooley's Reel
5. Stairway to Heaven/Tamlin Reel
6. The Glen/Old Joe’s Lark
7. Sheehan/Crawford/Bonnie Kate
8. I Know My Love/High Reel
9. Baron’s Heir
10. Johnny’s Gone for a Soldier
11. Never Saw Blue Like That
12. Sittingin the Stern of a Boat/Orange Blossom Special
13. Malaguena
14. Byker Hill/Cotton-Eyed Joe with the "wee ones"

An Invigorating blend of Celtic tunes with the bonus track of an "Indigo Girls" cover 

 1. Wind That Shakes the Barley

 2. You and I in the One Bed Lie

 3. Fields of Gold

 4. Claudy Banks

 5. Wake the Neighbors

 6. Ladies Jam/Rock Reel/Morning Dew/Reeling on the Box

 7. Waltzing Alone

 8. Lady Longford

 9. Closer to Fine

10. Handfast

11. Kirby’s Stand

12. I Know My Love

13. Enchanted Night

CHRISTMAS 2008 Includes new and original Christmas music
1. Silent Night
2. What Child is This?
3. Ave Maria 4. Oh Holy Night

 5. Jingle Bells

 6. Santa Baby

 7. Journey of the Kings

 8. The Snowy Owl-Good Cheer-Christmas Eve Reel

 9. Joy to the World

10. When the Snow Melts

11. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

12. Twinkle Twinkle-Wonderful World 

​The Ladies of Longford's premier Celtic CD, featuring a mix of traditional, contemporary and original songs

1. Johnny’s Gone for a Soldier
2. Briar and the Rose
3. Lady of Knock
4. Mummer’s Dance
5. Foggy Dew
6. Puirt a Beul
7. Summerfly
8. Parting Glass
9. Boys of Barr na Sraide
10. County Longford Time/Rosemount Road
11. Lovely Willie
12. The Dutchman
13. Ready for the Storm
14. Catharasis
15. Irish Blessing

To purchase your copy of a LADIES  CD, visit us at any scheduled performance or send us a personal message on our contact page.

A Contemporary acoustic mix of all original songs, with several guest artists

1. No Time

2. Starbook

3. Stop the Rain

4. All My Journeys

5. Why Oh Why

6. Ain't No Troubles

7. Hold On

8. Captured

9. Here She Comes

10. Vaya Con Dios

11. Got to have Faith

12. Hard to Find

13. You Don't Know

14. Waltzing Alone

15. What's Going On